Giving Birth to Your Baby

The birth of your baby is one of the most important moments of your life.

It is an opportunity to get in touch with your inner strength like no other.

My goal as your midwife is to provide you with the level of care and comfort that will allow the miracle of birth to unfold.
My training, knowledge, and experience are there for you at every step of your delivery, including prenatal and postnatal care.

The trained midwife has the tools and the experience to make home birth a safe, and empowering experience.

Our role is to guide you as you find your inner strength.

Midwifes carry the knowledge and skills that allow you to have the peace of mind that facilitates the opening which brings your baby out into the world.

The natural birth experience allows you to be in control.

The natural experience birth makes it possible for you to deliver your baby as nature intended, surrounded by family and people to support you, without interference.

Non-emergency cesarean surgery, drugs to force labor, and unnecessary technology, are all elements that are over utilized as standard hospital procedures.

Hospital births have their place, when the health of the mother or the baby are at risk. The midwife is trained to know when the decision to utilize the services of a hospital should be made.

When the mother is able to trust in herself and her care providers, she is able to relax without fear, and truly experience the miracle of birth.

Contact me to discuss your desire for me to be your midwife.

My Birthing Kit includes:

  • Oxygen – for both mom and baby
  • IV Kit
  • Injection drugs to stop a hemorrhage
  • Doppler Fetoscope
  • Blood Pressure Cuff



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